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Frequently Asked Questions

As-Built, Design and Construction Documents.

As-Builts are a drawing produced of your existing dwelling. Some projects will not require these
(example: new builds).

To begin your project we require a signed contract and a 33% deposit of your total estimate.

We invoice at the completion of each stage of your project. If your project is put on hold or if the
client has not made contact within the last 6 months, all remaining services completed to date
will be billed.

This is a high level site and zoning investigation to ensure the project is feasible. Any evidence
that indicates there may be an issue will be shared with the client prior to proceeding with

Our standard is to include up to 2 rounds of changes to the original design. Each round of
revisions can include as many changes as needed. If two rounds are exceeded, the client will
be charged at our hourly rate for any additional requested changes. A revision request form will
be sent for each round of revisions requested.

All design work is completed in 3D using Autodesk Revit. Working in Revit is becoming an
industry standard in architecture as it reduces coordination errors between
elevations/sections/floor plans. 3D modeling is not adding cost to the package, but is a
beneficial side effect of a more streamlined workflow.

For a new house you can expect a preliminary design completed within 2 weeks of your start
date. From here it depends on how many revisions are needed. Some clients will only have a
few small changes that will allow us to move into construction drawings after the preliminary
design. Some clients will require multiple design meetings to complete a final design. This
process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks. From here we will go into construction drawings.
The construction drawing process depends on what additional consultants are needed. HVAC,
Engineering or Truss packages will typically take 3 weeks. From here we can coordinate all
consultants and information onto architectural drawing packages and issue permit documents.
The entire process takes approximately 8-16 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.
Projects of smaller magnitude could be completed in less than 8 weeks.

We are able to size anything out of part 9 of the building code.